Potlock Ecosystem

Potlock Eocystem

The following document is to track affiliated Potlock protocol managed properties, social medias, supporting organizations, and community projects. THIS IS STILL A WIP

Want to build an idea, check our idea board ✅ https://potlock.org/idea (opens in a new tab), want to add an 💡 idea https://potlock.org/add-idea (opens in a new tab)

Potlock Mantained

Potlock Landing Pagehttps://potlock.org (opens in a new tab) https://potlock.io (opens in a new tab) https://potlock.xyz (opens in a new tab)  https://potlock.app (opens in a new tab)Landing page for Potlock. Takes real time from donations.Closed source currently
Nada.Bot Apphttps://app.nada.bot (opens in a new tab) Testnet https://testnet.nada.bot (opens in a new tab)App for sybil contract aggregator. Sybil providers can submit checks,verify stamps, check human thresholds, and allow admins to approve sybil providers, set weights, and set human threshold.Source at https://github.com/PotLock/nadabot-app/ (opens in a new tab) (private until MVP)
Potlock NextJS Apphttps://alpha.potlock.org (opens in a new tab) https://alpha.potlock.xyz (opens in a new tab) https://alpha.potlock.app (opens in a new tab) https://alpha.potlock.io (opens in a new tab)Potlock App built using next JS.Source at https://github.com/PotLock/next-app (opens in a new tab)  Backend (soon)
Potlock Docshttps://potlock.org/docs (opens in a new tab) https://docs.potlock.io (opens in a new tab)Documentation for PotlockSource at https://github.com/potlock/docs (opens in a new tab)
Potlock BOS Apphttps://github.com/potlock/bos-app (opens in a new tab)Deploy decentralized front ends accessible on any gateway
Potlock Gatewayhttps://bos.potlock.org (opens in a new tab) https://bos.potlock.io (opens in a new tab) https://bos.potlock.xyz (opens in a new tab) https://bos.potlock.app (opens in a new tab)Official BOS gateway for accessing Potlock’s decentralized front endSource code at https://github.com/PotLock/bos-gateway (opens in a new tab)
PotLock Donation Serverhttps://potlock.org/donate-script (opens in a new tab), https://github.com/PotLock/donate-script (opens in a new tab)Deploy your own wallet for automated donations to Potlock
Potlock Newsletterhttps://subscribe.potlock.org (opens in a new tab)Potlock Email subscriber list.
Nada bot Landinghttps://nada.bot (opens in a new tab)Landing page for Nada Bot app.Set to spin out
Nada Bot Docshttps://docs.nada.bot (opens in a new tab)Documentaiton for NadaabotSet to spin out
Public Goods Podcast Landinghttps://publicgoods.fm (opens in a new tab) https://publicgoods.media (opens in a new tab) https://publicgoods.watch (opens in a new tab) https://publicgoods.dev (opens in a new tab)  https://publicgoods.live (opens in a new tab)Public Goods Podcast
Potlock Githubhttps://github.com/potlock (opens in a new tab)Open source organization for PotlockCheck out discussions at https://potlock.org/forum (opens in a new tab)
Potlock mobileSoonPotlock mobile application for iOS & Android.
Potlock Ecosystemhttps://ecosystem.potlock.org (opens in a new tab) https://ecosystem.potlock.xyz (opens in a new tab) https://ecosystem.potlock.app https://ecosystem.potlock.app (opens in a new tab)Ecosystem aggregator for Potlock. (This is it)Source at https://github.com/PotLock/ecosystem (opens in a new tab)
Potlock Bloghttps://potlock.org/blog (opens in a new tab)Official medium for Potlock publication
Potlock Brand Assetshttps://potlock.org/brand (opens in a new tab)WIP - clear brand assets.
Potlock Design & Brandhttps://potlock.org/figma (opens in a new tab)Collaborative potluck social media design
Potlock ChangelogSoon but will be available at https://potlock.org/changelog (opens in a new tab)On-chain changelog regarding contracts maintained by Foundation
Potlock Design Backloghttps://potlock.org/design-backlog (opens in a new tab)Open Trello Backlog for designs tasks
Potlock Backloghttps://potlock.org/backlog (opens in a new tab)Triaged engineering backlog on Github from all different applications on github. Example triaged from potlock.org/next-backlog (opens in a new tab), nada.bot/backlog (opens in a new tab), potlock.org/bos-backlog (opens in a new tab)
Potlock Core Contracthttps://github.com/PotLock/core (opens in a new tab) https://potlock.org/core (opens in a new tab)Core contracts for Potlock funding stack. Including sybil, quadratic funding, direct donations, registry, and more to come.
Potlock Stack Legoshttps://potlock.org/legos-explained (opens in a new tab) and https://potlock.org/legos (opens in a new tab)Explaining composable funding mechanisms for Potlock, and future of stack, Miro Board and Notion explanations
Potlock NEAR Governance Forumhttps://potlock.org (opens in a new tab)Potlock section on NEAR governance forum
Potlock Snapshothttps://snapshot.org/#/potlock.eth (opens in a new tab)Ethereum based governance. Based off of potlock.eth accountNot active
Potluck Event Guideshttps://potlock.org/potluck (opens in a new tab) (WIP)Guide on how to throw localized Potlluck gatherings.WIP

Social Media

Social Media Managed properties

Potlock NEAR Socialhttps://potlock.near.social (opens in a new tab)Potlock NEAR Social profile from top level potlock.near account. Synced with twitter
Public Goods NEAR Socialhttps://publicgoodspodcast.near.social (opens in a new tab) https://publicgoods.fm/social (opens in a new tab)PublicGoodsPodcast.near social profile. Synced with twitter
Public Goods Buzzspouthttps://publicgoods.buzzsprout.com/ (opens in a new tab)  https://publicgoods.fm/listen (opens in a new tab)RSS Feed for public goods podcast. Published to all major podcasting platform
Public Goods Podcast Twitterhttps://twitter.com/publicgoodsfm (opens in a new tab)  https://publicgoods.fm/twitter (opens in a new tab)Public Goods Podcast Twitter accoutn
Potlock Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/@PotLock (opens in a new tab)  https://potlock.org/youtube (opens in a new tab)Youtube where Potlock tutorials, discussions, Public goods podcast short live
Potlock Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/potlock.global (opens in a new tab) https://potlock.org/facebook (opens in a new tab)Potlock Official Facebook PageNOT ACTIVE
Potlock FarcasterPotlock on Farcaster / WarpcasterNOT VERY ACTIVE
Potlock Blueskyhttps://bsky.app/profile/potlock.org (opens in a new tab)Potlock.org on BlueskyNOT VERY ACTIVE
Potlock Linkedinhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/potlock (opens in a new tab) https://potlock.org/linkedin (opens in a new tab)Potlock on Linkedin
Nada.Bot twitterhttps://nada.bot/twitter (opens in a new tab) https://x.com/nadabots (opens in a new tab)Nada Bot official twitter
Nada.bot Linkedinhttps://nada.bot/linkedin (opens in a new tab)Nada bot linkedinNot well maintained, need community managed
Potlock Community Support Telegramhttps://potlock.org/community (opens in a new tab)Potlock Community TelegramMost active
Nada Bot Telegram Supporthttps://nada.bot/support (opens in a new tab)Support channel on telegram for nada bot
Public Goods Linkedinhttps://publicgood.fm/linkedin (opens in a new tab) https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/publicgoodspodcast/ (opens in a new tab)Linkedin page for Public goods podcast.Not really all that maintained

Community Projects & Spin Outs

Projects in the community that are spun out or completely community driven & support potluck. THIS DOES NOT MEAN PROJECT WAS INCUBATED OR CREATED. Want to get added make a PR at

Hyperfileshttps://hyperfiles.org (opens in a new tab)Attestation framework on NEAR for building anythingBuild DAO supported project that first attestation is being adopted by Potlock. Early supporters and collaborators.Heavy alignment
YEAR OF CHEFhttps://yearofchef.org (opens in a new tab) https://yearofchef.com (opens in a new tab)Twitter https://x.com/yearofchef (opens in a new tab) NEAR Social https://yearofchef.near.social (opens in a new tab) Telegram https://yearofchef.org/telegram (opens in a new tab) Docs https://docs.yearofchef.org (opens in a new tab)NFT collection for those support public goods ecosystem on Potlock. Royalties get autodistirbuted to public goodsNeed to donate to Potlock to mint, contributors and projects have allocation. 10% royalties all get auto distributed to approved projects on Potlock registyr. Heavy motif of Chef and Dragon,aligned with Potlock and NEAR ecosystem.External community with support from project
Donate DAOhttps://donatedao.org (opens in a new tab)Soon.First inscriptions for public goods100% fees should be auto-redistributed. Asked us for distribution server code.External community reached out.
Tipping.Socialhttps://tipping.social (opens in a new tab) (not live)Proof of concept that deploy quadratic funding pots for feeds.To be built on Potlock quadratic funding contracts and BOS app as its own BOS gatewayIdeated through potlock core, inspired by Quadratic Lenster, needs to be incubated by Build DAO
I-Am-Humanhttps://i-am-human.app (opens in a new tab)Used as a sybil check for Nada.botSpun up before Potlock ecosystem, primary sybil tool (stamp on nada.bot)
Potlock Twitter bothttps://x.com/potlock_bot (opens in a new tab) https://github.com/PotLock/twitter-bot/ (opens in a new tab)Twitter bot for potock registrations and donationsRequested as a BountyInspired by nearsocialbot for devhub
Potlock On-Chain DashboardSoonn/aFlipsdie Powered Anlaytics for Potlock on chain datahttps://potlock.org/data-request (opens in a new tab) With support from NEAR FoundationData service provider

Active Contributors

The following are a list of active contributing organizations to the Potlock ecosystem

Banyan Collectivehttps://banyan.gg (opens in a new tab)Dedicated to scaling NEAR in the USAllocates full time staffing resources for Potlock and Nada.bot, support with growth, marketing
Potluck FoundationSoon https://potluck.foundation (opens in a new tab)MIDAO Non-profit, builds open source software and deploys decentralized smart contracts & front ends for plural funding mechanisms, impact tracking, & engagement systems for public goods.Deploy locked contracts, managed DAO for fees. Check changelog (soon) for more information
Minority Programmershttps://minorityprogrammers.org (opens in a new tab)International network of developers unifying together to build socially impactful software projects and spread STEM + Web3 EducationProvides development, designs and any support that is needed
Build DAOhttps://nearbuilders.org (opens in a new tab)Build DAO is dedicated to constructing open-source applications and developing widgets on NEAR. Their primary objective includes onboarding more developers and providing opportunities for them to contribute to the NEAR ecosystem. Initially, they plan to create projects that address specific issues or fulfill needs within NEAR, with the intention of welcoming new contributors to join these initiatives and slowly absorbing them into their team.Funds projects building on Potlock Protocol. Directly build tooling Potluck uses like BOS Workspace, Everything.dev, creates bounties and with BOS developer support
Minority Think Tank Foundationhttps://minoritythinktank.org (opens in a new tab)The Minority Think Tank (MTT) Foundation is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to empowering humanity through innovative ideas from expert analysis, technology driven solutions, revolutionary thinking, and education for underrepresented communities.Onboard contributors and volunteers, and receives non profit donations.
NEAR Impact Collectivehttps://nearimpact.org (opens in a new tab)Community initiative to build more impact on NEAR.Original community bringing impact projects to NEAR, pivoted into building Potlock.
Flipside Cryptohttps://flipsidecrytpo.xyz (opens in a new tab)Provide data queries for on chain analytics associated with contracts
Guvenkayahttps://guvenkaya.co/ (opens in a new tab)   Guvenkaya is a security research firm specializing in Rust security, Web3 security of Rust-based protocols, and Web2 securityFirst auditors for quadratic funding contracts on Potlock.

This was heavily inspired by Gitcoin Ecosystem https://ecosystem.gitcoin.co/ (opens in a new tab) , aggregating projects for NEAR Project registry for NEARCatalog/DiscoverBOS (opens in a new tab), and knowledge share being promoted in RegenLearnings.xyz